Vectem, the company that is entering the energy transition with its new solar power plant

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Vectem is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products that joins the mission of energy transition betting on the implementation of a photovoltaic installation. The company relies on Enertika for the implementation and efficiency control of its solar plant through our energy management system.

As a company under the EaaS (Energy as a Service) model, our part in the project consists of the integral execution of the implementation of photovoltaic self-consumption and the guarantee and improvement of the performance of the energy assets of Vectem’s installation.

Photovoltaic self-consumption, a new option with guarantees

Our mission begins with the integral implementation of photovoltaic self-consumption installations, under the photovoltaic production guarantee modality. As this is a comprehensive service, it includes from the engineering of the project to the commissioning of the installation in question.

The characteristics of the project carried out in the cosmetics laboratory company consist of a photovoltaic self-consumption system with a 68 kWp surplus produced from 3 Huawei inverters (36KTL, 17KTL and 15KTL, respectively). The installation consists of 129 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels which, together with the inverters, provide a guaranteed production of 130 MWh per year.

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Energy management, the proof of return on investment

Peace of mind is included in our services thanks to the energy management of the photovoltaic production that we take care of. Because being able to guarantee the return on investment and products is synonymous with peace of mind.

How do we achieve this? Through our monitoring and communication system. Through our Smart Energy Management hardware, we can measure the energy assets of the photovoltaic installation in real time, and in the same way send the parameters of the production in question to the W-Manager software of the start-up Wattabit of the Enertika group. This software digitizes the information and stores it for transmission to Vectem. This centralized information makes it possible to:

1. Visualization of consumption and monitoring of KPIs in real time.
2. Automatic reports on savings (both energy and economic).
3. Balance of energy costs and consumption, by means of energy efficiency indicators.
4. Alarms for preventive maintenance, thus saving time and money of the photovoltaic production.
5. And many more features.

In fact, the ultimate goal of energy management, apart from achieving continuous improvement through functions such as anomaly detection or automatic reporting, is to minimize the operating cost of the system.

The project we have carried out together with Vectem includes the energy management of the photovoltaic production and the grid connection. As well as the integral maintenance of the solar plant and the guarantee of energy production.

Planta solar Vectem

Energy digitalization is beginning to leave behind its status as an «option» to become a «necessity» due to the savings it represents and its environmental implications. If you are interested in implementing energy efficiency and management solutions, do not hesitate to contact Enertika.