New project for the municipality of Térmens (Lleida) in order to reduce the energy consumption of its neighbours

The City Council of Térmens, in the province of Lleida, along with Enertika, are promoting an energy efficiency project to reduce the energy consumption of the 3,500 inhabitants population with facilities that are very outdated at an energetic level

The integral solution proposed to get rid of this excessive energy consumption in the population consists of a networks and all the consumption points study that depend on them, not only lighting. It is opted to replace all the points of light, deteriorated and with old technology, by led lamps and programmable electronic ballasts depending on the area to be illuminated, always using materials with ecological distinction available in the market.


Ejemplo de cambio de luminarias

An Energest monitoring system is also added to all the panels, this allows viewing, analyzing and controlling:

  • Power and energy consumption of each distribution board
  • Overconsumption detection and alarm generation
  • Optimization throughout the project
  • Billing verification

Monitorización energética

The project in numbers

  • Consumption start of the project according to audit: 409,069
  • Current consumption obtained: 160,877
  • Savings obtained: 60,7%

Committed with the future

One of our proposals involves the purchase of a charging point that meets the future need of those residents who have electric vehicles or facilitate the purchase of this type of vehicle for the City Council’s own float.

This solution will allow the use of clean energy for suitable vehicles. In this way, the final purpose would not only be the energy saving, but CO2 particles emission would be reduced, thus favouring the environment.


Punto de recarga de vehículos eléctricos