Telefónica Móviles España and Enertika promote a hybrid solution for Off-Grid base stations located in remote areas and without the possibility of being connected to the national distribution electricity grid

The integral hybrid solutions consists on an energetic generation system that complements the current electric generator with batteries, as well as renewable energy

Instalación fotovoltaica Telefonica

This type of hybrid solution reduces the utilization of fossil fuel, besides minimizing the energetic generation and maintenance operative costs (OpEx). The installations are executed on, at least, 15 BS around the entire national territory.

Thanks to monitoring the hardware and the management platform it has been possible to offer a series of services to visualize, analize and control:

  • BS power and energy consumption
  • PV power and energy generation
  • Overconsumption detection and alarms generation (temperature, intrusion, batteries, etc)
  • Charge optimization and prognosis
  • Multisite management (aggregation by BS type, zone, country, etc)

Our hybrid solutions

Expanding telecommunication systems guarantees a good coverage to our clients. This involves installing telecommunications centres in locations without an electric grid. Thanks to that, telephone operators ensure the electrical supply by using diesel-powered generators.

The energy supply service (Energy as a Service) guarantees the supply cost to the customer for six years, holding Enertika responsible for its optimal operation. All of it, using hybrid systems in sites not connected to the grid.

Besides, the service includes the remote management of every system, integral maintenance and refuelling management.

Integral management operation

The installations must be permanently supervised to verify that their optimal operation and ensuring the service availability to the client.

Our hybrid system incorporates a monitoring hardware solution that allows to manage remotely the main components with the objective of:

  • Evaluate the installation overall electric performance.
  • Supervise the client’s real consumption
  • Generator set operating hours
  • Renewable generation supervision
  • Remaining fuel level
  • Battery performance and life cycles

The cloud platform stores all the information of every hybrid system. This, is an aid for the manager in the project operation and daily management:

  • Refuelling management according to the consumption of each hybrid system and refuel whenever is necessary.
  • Alerts automatic detection for each device. That is, batteries, solar inverter, generator set…
  • Automatic reports for each hybrid system and real electric consumption of the client.