Telefonica and Enertika are committed to reducing the carbon footprint

free-cooling telefonica mexico

Telefonica and Enertika are committed to reduce the carbon footprint of operations in more than 1.000 telecommunication centers spread throughout all the Mexican territory. Energy savings are obtained from the implementation of a free-cooling modular system with remote control and centralized management of electricity billing.

The annual electricity savings achieved annually are 10,500 MWh, which is equivalent to an emissions reduction in CO2 of more than 6,100 tons per year. This figure represents a percentage saving of over 29%.

Free-cooling in Telefonica Mexico

Telefónica and Enertika agreed to implement the Free-cooling as a Service solution with a 25% savings guarantee compared to previous consumption. This service, thus, is based on achieving a minimum saving guaranteed by Enertika. This allows the client to pay a fixed fee for said service and obtain a net benefit for it.

This service includes the implementation of a Free-cooling system, integral maintenance and centralized management of the system. The implementation will reduce electricity consumption by 73,500 MWh in seven years

The Free-cooling system has an algorithm that automatically manages actuators according to various parameters. For example, extractors fans and mechanical cooling units. This algorithm can be modified remotely through VPN networks managed by Enertika and by SMS. Furthermore, the system integrates energy meters that validate the obtained savings.

The system is managed from a platform that allows monitoring and managing all Free-cooling facilities.

Digitization of the project

Project management is centralized on the W-Manager platform of the company Wattabit. The cloud platform, under the SaaS model, allows to automate processes in the technical management of any project. Using W-Manager the manager can:

  • Automatically calculate and obtain project and site savings results.
  • Continuous alerts and anomalies evaluation.
  • Centralize energy billing
  • Detect anomalies in electricity billing.
  • Remote control over Free-cooling systems.

All these functionalities allow to obtain the following benefits:

  • Reduce air conditioners operation hours. In this way, operational savings are generated in preventive maintenance.
  • Disuse of mechanical cooling systems. Free-cooling is capable of keeping the site in suitable interior conditions.
  • Detect any deviation in electricity billing.
  • Expand the functionalities and supervision of the centers through an online platform.