Nestlé and Enertika’s agreement: 10 years of trust and photovoltaic self-consumption in Reus

Instalación fotovoltaica nestlé reus

Introducing Nestlé requires few words due to its magnitude. The food company signs a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for 10 years, starting as early as the first half of 2021. Nestlé has a set strategy; to reach 20 MW of PV in self-consumption PPA contracts by 2021. And Enertika is at its disposal to meet its goal with the implementation of a 700 kWp photovoltaic self-consumption installation in Reus, which would be equivalent to the energy consumption of 315 Spanish households.

The project for the implementation of the photovoltaic solar plant at Nestlé’s roasted coffee factory in Reus is in our hands. We offer Nestlé two essential services under the EaaS (Energy as a Service) model: distributed generation and energy management.

In short, the service we offer our customers ranges from the energy management of photovoltaic production and grid connection, to the comprehensive maintenance of the solar plant. From Enertika we guarantee the production of electrical energy.

Photovoltaic installation equal to the consumption of 315 households

We call distributed generation an integral service because it encompasses the development of the project from engineering to the commissioning of the photovoltaic solar park.

Enertika will make the investment, operate and manage the facility for the first 10 years under a renewable electricity sales agreement. After the decade we are in charge, the solar plant will become the property of Nestlé.

The project involves the implementation of a photovoltaic installation on the ground for self-consumption with surplus under the PPA modality. This photovoltaic installation has a power of 700 kWp and consists of no more and no less than 1538 photovoltaic modules of 144 monocrystalline cells of 455 Wp. In addition, the Enertika team has installed 6 Huawei inverters of 100k Wn.

Likewise, Enertika’s guaranteed green energy production is 1,094 MWh per year, which represents a high percentage of coverage.

The agreement signed with Nestlé and the implementation of the photovoltaic self-consumption installation is a further step towards achieving the goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

placas solares nestlé reus

Long-term trust means effective energy management

A 10-year agreement implies a necessary follow-up of the energy management of the photovoltaic installation’s production. For effective energy management, we have two key programs at our service: Smart Energy Management and W-Manager, hardware and software respectively. Their combined function is to measure the solar plant’s energy assets, monitor them and communicate them in the form of centralized information to Nestlé and Enertika.

Schematically, they work as follows. First, our team installs our Smart Energy Management hardware, whose function is to measure the energy parameters of the photovoltaic installation. This information is then transmitted to the W-Manager software (from Wattabit, a start-up of the Enertika group), which is connected to our hardware, and in this way the client and us can obtain centralized information on the photovoltaic plant.

The objective pursued by our energy management service together with the Smart Energy Management and the W-Manager is to minimize the oparating costs. In this way, we offer the client the following advantages:

  • Automatic signaling of system anomalies. This way you can avoid last minute maintenance and achieve constant prevention.
  • A periodic energy audit. You will also know the consumption of the installation as well as guidelines on how to achieve savings.
  • The digitization of energy assets that are stored in the cloud.
  • The detection of operational savings through good practice and the search for investment projects.
  • Automatic reporting. This shows the energy efficiency of the self-consumption installation together with a summary of the assets and savings achieved.
  • Control of the devices. By changing the operating mode of your devices in real time you can guarantee the savings potential.

Over the next 10 years, Enertika is committed to Nestlé to achieve energy efficiency and move even closer to its goal.

Nestlé reus placa solar

Daring to trust Enertika is a safe bet: guaranteed energy cost reduction and support on your way to energy digitalization. Because we lead by example. If you dare to take the plunge like Nestlé has done with its photovoltaic self-consumption project, don’t hesitate to tell us about it.