Neddermann invests in photovoltaic energy and entrusts its solar plant to Enertika

planta fotovoltaica neddermann

Neddermann sees photovoltaics as an essential step towards the energy transition. For this reason, the EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model offered by Enertika is a perfect fit for the company’s entry into industrial photovoltaic self-consumption. This service allows the inorganic pigment manufacturing company to guarantee both the maintenance of the solar plant and its production after the implementation of the photovoltaic installation.

Neddermann’s energy digitalization consists of a reciprocal relationship between market competitiveness that favors low-carbon companies and the commitment to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that underpin clean energy production. In conclusion, the assignment we provide to the company is a comprehensive service ranging from the energy management of the energy generated in the photovoltaic installation and its maintenance to the guarantee of electricity production.

From the industrial photovoltaic self-consumption

Neddermann has a proposal on the table: reduce the cost of the bill. And at Enertika we know what steps to take to offer you what you are looking for. We respond with our comprehensive service for the development of the energy project. Starting with the engineering and ending with the implementation of the photovoltaic installation.

The project starts with the photovoltaic installation under the self-consumption modality with surplus compensation. The photovoltaic installation in question is 124 kWp and consists of 236 photovoltaic modules. In addition, Enertika installed a 100 kW nominal Huawei inverter.

To meet Neddermann’s objective and reduce the costs of the building’s bill, Enertika guarantees a green energy production of 170 MWh per year. In this way we achieve a production saving of 43 tons of CO2, and at the same time a reduction of, approximately, 40% of the costs of the bill.

These are empirical facts that allow us at Enertika to demonstrate that the reduction of the energy bill of companies is compatible with the reduction of the carbon footprint.

placas solares enertika neddermann

Up to energy management with production guarantee

Energy management is one of the key services offered by Enertika to Neddermann. Its purpose is to monitor the energy parameters of the photovoltaic production installed in the building in Vilassar de Mar. The aim is to achieve efficient energy management, and we achieve this by means of two key tools: our Smart Energy Management hardware and W-Manager software. Both systems are connected to measure, monitor and communicate the energy assets of the installation in question.

Smart Energy Management is our hardware that is installed together with the photovoltaic implementation. The program performs the measurement of the solar plant’s energy assets. In addition, our customer is not left out of the energy management service. We offer the W-Manager software from Enertika’s start-up Wattabit. This system allows the customer to have centralized information on the parameters of the installation and thus be able to track and achieve a constant improvement.

So what does Neddermann achieve with this information? The ultimate goal of W-Manager is to minimize operating costs, and for this the different functionalities are required:

– Energy audit: this way, you periodically know the consumption of the installation and, in turn, the guidelines on how to achieve savings.
– Digitization of energy assets: all relevant data on photovoltaic production is stored in the cloud.
– Detection of operational savings: good practice and the search for investment projects offers our client continuous improvement.
– Automatic signaling of anomalies: last-minute maintenance can be avoided and constant system prevention can be achieved.
– Automatic reporting: demonstrate the energy efficiency of the self-consumption installation in question with a summary of the assets and savings achieved.

fotovoltaica neddermann

Efficiency and energy management, two words, one company. Enertika guarantees the reduction of costs for companies that join the challenge of climate change without losing sight of their economic perspective. If you are interested in our project and want to be part of this new generation of clean energy, do not hesitate to contact us.