Energy efficiency and sustainability, the new challenge of Menorca City Council 

estadio futbol sant lluis iluminación sostenible

The City Council of Menorca places on the table a plan for the renovation of the lighting of Sant Lluís, the soccer field of the city. Its lighting system has a high consumption, and, therefore, the energy bill does not stop increasing. It is for this reason that the City Council trusts Enertika for the installation of a new, more efficient and sustainable lighting system. Our proposal is as follows: a lighting system with LED technology that allows to reach energy efficiency in the soccer field of Menorca. That’s right, the City Council of Menorca has a new challenge, and this is to contribute to decarbonization.

To achieve the goal, the LED will reduce the CO2 emissions involved in the maintenance of the soccer field, as this technology consumes less amount of kW.

Through this project, Enertika reinforces its position as an energy operator in sports infrastructures. This is why we offer lighting system optimization services. Through the new stadium lighting system, the costs associated with the lighting system will be significantly reduced.

LED: first division technology  

The Sant Lluís soccer field in Menorca wants to benefit from a new lighting system with new technology which allows to associate the sport with the new era of sustainability. In addition, the LED system that Enertika proposes is the best option to reduce energy costs and save money that can be invested in other areas under the responsability We already have a common goal: to achieve energy efficiency. How do we achieve it?

  1. We installed 32 LED projectors.
  2. Implanted 4 metal towers of 18 meters.
  3. Renewed the electrical panels to the current REBT regulations (low voltage electrotechnical regulations).
  4. We installed a total power of 19.2 kW.
  5. We achieved an annual energy saving of 181,000 kWh.

In conclusion, together with the initiative of the City Council of Menorca, we achieved energy efficiency with the renovation of the lighting of the Sant Lluís soccer field. In this way, the project of the lighting system is legalized.

We introduce ourselves as a company specialized in energy efficiency services, distributed generation or energy management. If you want to know more about our projects and initiatives such as the case of the Sant Lluís efficient lighting, do not hesitate and contact us!