Mecamoplast takes a step forward and undertakes a photovoltaic self-consumption project

Proyecto autoconsumo fotovoltaico industria

Let’s start by introducing Mecamoplast, a company that treats and disposes of non-hazardous waste and decided to trust us to undertake a photovoltaic self-consumption project. Nowadays, the market is stable enough, but at the same time flexible enough to allow companies to take a step towards energy digitalization. It is for this reason that Mecamoplast has considered that it is the right time to bet on green energy and put on the table the proposal of a self-consumption photovoltaic installation.

Returning to the idea of market competitiveness, this new premise of self-consumption is an opportunity for Mecamoplast to reduce energy costs and continue to prosper. Therefore, from Enertika and under the EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model, we offer Mecamoplast two essential services: distributed generation and energy management.

In conclusion, as we will see below, the project that we carried out with Mecamoplast, consists of the energy management of the photovoltaic production and the grid connection and the integral maintenance of the photovoltaic plant. Thus guaranteeing the production of electrical energy of the installation.

Reinventing yourself is photovoltaic self-consumption

Enertika offers a comprehensive service for the development of the photovoltaic self-consumption project, from engineering to commissioning. In this way, we commit ourselves to our client from the beginning to the end to ensure the optimal operation of the solar plant and accompany him in his reinvention process.

The project that we lead from Enertika consists of the implementation of a photovoltaic installation of self-consumption without surplus under the modality of photovoltaic production guarantee. This installation has a power of 285 kWp and consists of 542 photovoltaic modules of 172 monocrystalline cells of 525 Wp. Likewise, our team is also in charge of the implementation of two Huawei inverters, one of 100 kWn and the other of 36 kWn respectively, at Mecamoplast’s facilities.

In addition, the production of green energy guaranteed by Enertika is 235 MWh per year and a self-consumption of 67%, equivalent to 380 MWh per year. In this way, the energy demand of the industry is covered by approximately 15% of the total.

planta solar industrial mecamoplast

Energy management as a primary need

To maintain a photovoltaic installation it is not enough to have it in operation. It is for this reason that Enertika offers an energy management service that ensures the guaranteed production of the solar plant. There are two programs that make up this service: the Smart Energy Management hardware and the W-Manager software. Both accept a leading role in energy management, since their function consists in the calculation of energy assets, their monitoring and communication. The communication is digitalized to provide Mecamoplast.

To understand how it works, we will give you a schematic description:

1. First we install our Smart Energy Management hardware in the solar plant.
2. This is dedicated to measure all the energy parameters of the photovoltaic installation and monitors them in real time.
3. The hardware is connected to Wattabit’s W-Manager software (start-up of the Enertika group) and sends it the energy assets it is measuring.
4. The software stores the information and transmits it to the client and to us in order to minimize the operating costs of the solar plant. And how is this achieved?

To begin with, it tracks and digitizes KPIs, analyzes and compares costs and consumption, automatically detects anomalies to achieve savings and avoid wasting production time, and monitors industrial processes, among others. One of its essential functions is the generation of automatic reportings that inform about savings. Click on the link if you want to find out more about its advantages.

Autoconsumo fotovoltaico industrial enertika

If as a company you are interested in reducing your energy costs and at the same time in joining clean energy, we are here to serve you. Welcome to the era of energy digitalization!