MATIC bets for the photovoltaic self-consumption and invests in its installation with Enertika

Instalación fotovoltaica para autoconsumo

MATIC, a company dedicated to textile machinery manufacturing joins the trend of implementing self-generation systems. Like other companies in the industrial and telecommunication sector, MATIC entrusts its photovoltaic self-consumption and energy digitalization project to Enertika.

Our role in MATIC’s new venture is the generation of clean renewable energy through a photovoltaic installation and its subsequent supervision via our online monitorization system W-Manager. Thus we are not only responsible for the integral execution of the self-consumption installations, but also for its integral maintenance and guaranteed electricity production.

Photovoltaic self-cosumption can also be ambitious

As mentioned previously, the integral project service offered includes from the previous administrative management and engineering to the start-up of the photovoltaic installations.

The photovoltaic self-consumption project has a power of 39,9 kWp under simplified surplus compensation. The photovoltaic installation consists of 76 photovoltaic panels of 144 monocrystalline cells of 525 Wp with coplanar arrangement and 1 Huawei inversor with a power of 36 kW nominal. In such a way, the green energy production guaranteed by Enertika is 55 MWh per year, saving the production of 14 tones of CO2.

Energy management means savings and guarantees

The MATIC is also committed to digitalization through our energy management service of the production of the photovoltaic installation and the reading of the general electricity consumption. Together with the photovoltaic installation, we implement the necessary hardware to monitore the relevant equipment or installations and we measure their consumption and other indispensable variables in real time. By doing so, we are able to have a real-time energy audit that allows us to: 1) observe how the electricity consumption is distributed indoors and, 2) be able to recommend good praxis actions and energy efficiency measures through the online platform W-Manager (the software of Wattabit, a start-up of Enertika group) under a continuous improvement methodology. Moreover, through our platform we can:

  • Energy assets are digitalized and registered in the cloud.
  • Get periodic information through an energy audit that provides information on the consumption of the installation and, therefore, information on how to obtain savings.
  • Identify operational savings in order to achieve continuous improvement based on good praxis and the search for investment projects.
  • Automatically point out anomalies of the system to avoid last minute maintenance and constantly prevent.
  • Obtain automatic reports with the purpose of demonstrating the energy efficiency of the self-consumption installation with a summary of the energy assets and the savings achieved.
  • Verify and optimize the invoices through the W-Manager monitoring.

In conclusion, the service offered by Enertika involves the energy management of the photovoltaic production and the undertaken, the integral maintenance of the solar plant, as well as the guarantee of electric energy production.

We guarantee you that the implementation of energy efficiency and management solutions is in good hands. If you are interested in our porject and you want to join the change to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint and in the same time in the reduction of your energy costs, don’t hesitate and contact us.


Nosotros te garantizamos que la implementación de soluciones de eficiencia y gestión energética está en buenas manos. Si te interesa nuestro proyecto y te quieres sumar al cambio para contribuir en la reducción de la huella de carbono, y a su vez en la reducción de tus costes energéticos, no lo dudes y contactarnos.