Masdeu Specialities and Enertika collaborate in photovoltaic favor

Instalación fotovoltaica masdeu

MASDEU SPECIALITIES and ENERTIKA have collaborated in implanting a photovoltaic plant of self-consumption with compensation of surpluses guaranteeing the photovoltaic production.

Enertika is responsible for the projection and execution of the 80 kWp photovoltaic plant, as well as the integral maintenance, production guarantee and industry energy management

The solar installation was commissioned in June 2019.

Photovoltaic self consumption

The 80 kWp photovoltaic installation consists of 220 photovoltaic modules with 120 monocrystalline cells of 365 Wp and two 36 kW (rated power) Huawei inverters.

The green energy production guaranteed by Enertika is 130,200 kWh per year, thus, covering the energy demand of the industry by 13%. Clean energy generation will reduce CO2-eq emissions by 42 tons.

The service offered by Enertika consists of the energy management of the photovoltaic production and the connection to the grid, the integral maintenance of the solar plant as well as the guarantee of the electrical energy production.

Enertika energy services and solutions

The production guarantee given by Enertika ensures to the client that their installation will function correctly and will achieve the expected results from a profitability point of view.

Likewise, Enertika monitors three energy assets:

  • Electrical connection using a fiscal meter.
  • Photovoltaic production using a solar inverter
  • Industry’s main electrical consumer, the cooling system.

These three assets make it possible to know the facilities energy performances, as well as deficiencies in use or performance:

  • Incorrect use of energy – we implement recommendations on the use of energy. These types of measures do not have any type of investment and, as a consequence, create immediate savings
  • Consumption outside of production hours – no implementation of equipment shutdown protocols.
  • Optimize the operation of the refrigeration machine by remote and scheduled parameterization of the set point variables.