Enertika implements a hybrid system for unstable electrical networks at the Mas Vinyoles Hub innovation center

instalación fotovoltaica mas vinyoles hub enertika

Enertika has implemented a hybrid generation system in the Mas Vinyoles Hub (an innovation center and country house) in order to avoid losses in the power supply of the public network. This project opened the doors to install a 10kWp canopy located in the parking lot with two charging points for electric vehicles.

Mas Vinyoles is a space for innovation and entrepreneurship promotion located in a comfortable rural environment at the service of joint work and new business ideas.

We have created a sustainable environment with efficient and renewable energy facilities (photovoltaic and biomass), outdoor spaces and ecological cultivation of aromatic plants.

Photovoltaic self-consumption

The first project that saw the day light in this innovation center in Sant Pere de Torelló was a 22kWp photovoltaic installation located on the main building roof.

The system allows the accumulation of surplus photovoltaic energy in a lead-acid technology storage system. It supplies electrical energy when photovoltaic production is not sufficient. At night, the system stores electrical energy from the public network at a lower cost.

In the case of not having an electrical network available, the system has a 45 kW electric generator with a dual objective:

  • Supply energy to consumers
  • Store energy

After that, we installed a 10 kWp photovoltaic canopy in the parking lot. This energy supplies two new electric vehicles charging points with an intensity of 32 A per point.

The entire system is monitored by W-Manager

Our energy management service allows to know how the hybrid system is operating at all times: both the state of the photovoltaic installation and the operating conditions of the batteries and the generator set. In addition, the supply and injection of surpluses into the electrical network and the consumption of the vehicle recharging point are also supervised by W-Manager. Through the platform you get:

  • Energy balance of your facilities (consumption of the different areas vs. photovoltaic production and the generator set)
  • KPIs computation (solar coverage, installation performance)
  • Automatic detection of anomalies
  • Automatic reports with all the summarized information of the site: over-consumption, low state of charge of the batteries, excess working hours of the generator set, PV plant low performance, etc.

Thus, data collection and processing is automated by W-Manager so the manager can guarantee the investment return and concentrate on decision-making. Thereby, having the objective of minimizing operating cost of the hybrid system, both energy and maintenance.

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