Enertika collaborates with the city of Marrakesh to renew the lighting and energy management system

iluminación led marrakech

Marrakesh and Enertika collaborated on the modernization of the city’s lighting system. This project consists of the integral replacing of the lighting with LED technology. In addition, a real time management energetic system will be implemented.

The project Lighting Marrakech contributes considerably to the reduction of Co2 emissions plan of Morocco. Thereby, the main goal is to achieve a 34 % reduction on 2030.

Public lighting: taking a step to LED

Enertika is in charge of the conventional lighting replacement (sodium-vapor lamp) with LED technolgy, which generates a 60% savings. Likewise, the lighting replacement total cost is reduced in an 80% because of the LED technology longer lifetime.

The executed phase is expected to conclude in 2020.

The project financing is carried out through a guaranteed savings projects for the client. This modality allows the client to retain economic savings since the beginning project in exchange for a fixed fee (lower than the current cost of energy consumption) that includes the lighting replacement, its energetic-operational management and the functioning warranty throughout the contract.

Energetic management using W-Manager

The lighting service offered by Enertika is strengthened thanks to the guarantee offered by the use of the energetic management platform W-Manager (start-up Wattabit, Enertika group) that allows:

  • Supervise the energetic and economic savings daily evolution through EVO (IPMVP) protocol.
  • Real time monitoring of the energetic assets.
  • Automatic reports about the lighting installation energetic state and operation.
  • Provide an automatic evaluation of installation abnormalities and inefficiencies.
  • Maintenance centralized on the platform through the Wattabit app.
  • Lighting installation with remote control – remote on and off as needed.
  • Lighting electric billing centralized.
  • KPIs monitoring that allows to detect zones with a higher inefficiency.

Additionally, the energetic management platform W-Manager includes the option to integrate the city buildings consumption, connected with e-vehicles charging stations, etc.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that, both Enertika and Marrakesh, collaborate with a social awareness plan to promote collective and environmental well-being.

Por último, recalcar que, tanto Enertika como Marrakech, colaborarán en un programa de concienciación social para fomentar el bienestar colectivo y del medio ambiente.