Enertika promotes energy efficiency measures in Mapsa with the furnaces renovation used for the manufacture of aluminium wheels

This project consists on renovating the furnace which maintains the alloy melting temperature for aluminium wheels

renovación hornos de aluminio mapsa

ENERTIKA works on energetic excellence through the energy efficiency in MAPSA Cooperativa for its industrial facilities. The project carried out has mainly consisted on:

  • Renewal of 29 furnaces for maintaining the melting temperature for moulding.
  • Renewal of transformation and electrical supply systems for the furnace heating facilities.

The project integral execution has followed all the phases of our process for Implementation of Energy Efficiency Solutions:

  • Technical and economic analysis of the saving measures
  • Solutions design
  • Project management for the systems and equipment set up during the project execution
  • Results measurement and verification

Energy savings measures

This measure has consisted in the renovation of 29 furnaces for maintaining the melting temperature for the aluminium alloy mix previous to injecting it in a cast. 11 ovens have been reconditioned and 18 new units have been replaced

At the same time, all electric power supply lines have been renewed. Thus, the transformers have been rehabilitated to supply the electrical resistances to heat the alloy mix. This adds a total of 30 new systems.

The energy savings obtained are around 2.886.675 kWh annually. All this implies an environmental impact reduction in annually CO2-eq tons.