Kao Chimigraf chart its future together with Enertika: photovoltaic self-consumption for efficiency in every way

instalación fotovoltaica kao chimigraf

Number one in Spain: Rubí Brilla becomes the first shared photovoltaic self-consumption project in the state. This 2020 initiative coordinated by Rubí City Council, turns an industrial estate into a zero-emission zone. The companies of these industrial area joined the project despite the untimely COVID-19 situation.

In Enertika we have been the winning company of the project contest, and therefore, we take on the misión to make Rubí shine.

Among the companies taking part in the project is the factory that unites the chemical and the graphic arts sectors; Kao Chimigraf. The solvent company for printing inks, a world leader, has always been committed to quality.

The efficiency has guided Kao Chimigraf since 1970. Is for that reason that the company is involved in the Rubí Brilla project led by Enertika, a company that, like Kao Chimigraf, is also committed to efficiency (especially energy efficiency).

Therefore, our mission is to implant a photovoltaic self-cosnumption system in the chemical plant and to be in charge of its energy management. Down below, we show you how.

First step: implementation of the photovoltaic system 

At Enertika we have an distributed generation service which is the first step to start the transition of Kao Chimigraf.towards the energy revolution. It is to implement a photovoltaic power plant of self-consumption without surplus and zero discharge.

The firs step does not end her, getting your own green energy requires a comprehensive service that covers from the project development engineering to the launch of the photovoltaic installation.

The installed power at issue consists of 160kW nominal, while it offers 185.33 kWp and 165 kVA of maximum power.

In this way, an energy saving of 185.150’04 kWh per year is achieved, together with the Smart Energy Management and W-Manager energy management systems, which we will show below.

In addition, the printing solvents company will obtain a return of the investment in a period of one and a half to three years.

placas solares kao chimigraf

Second step: tracking and energy management

Remote monitoring and management is one of our specialties. Our energy management service for the production of the photovoltaic system at the Kao Chimigraf factory, has two objectives: savings and efficiency.

To begin with, our team execute the implementation of our Smart Energy Management hardware, whose function is to measure the more relevant energy parameters monitored of the installation.

Because its communication is produced in real-time, from Wattabit (start-up of Enertika group), it has been created a platform that entails the responsibility for materialize and storage the information that is collected and sent by our hardware. We introduce it to you, it is a software called W-Manager that offers our customers centralized information of their facilities. And not only Kao Chimigraf can access this information, from Enertika, we also track the production to minimize the operating cost of the system.

The combination of the installed hardware and the available software achieve, among other solutions:

  • Real-time visualization of the consumptions and the KPIs, offering all the monitored data.
  • Analysis of the costs and consumptions through energy efficiency indicators.
  • Energy audit in order to obtain savings from the firs minute, the information is power!
  • Continuous improvement by reducing energy cost (operational savings and investment projects detection).
  • Automatic detection of the anomalies indicating unexpected consumptions and inadequacies in the installations.
  • Information and more information. Periodic reports that show the energy savings and the related costs.

Although the description of the case refers to the services offered to Kao Chimigraf, the sam procedure is carried out in all the participant companies in the Rubí Brilla project. Both distributed generation of the photovoltaic self-consumption and energy management through monitoring lay in our hands.

In short, the electricity production guarantee is in good hands. In not that difficult to contribute in the reduction of the carbon footprint and in the reduction of your energy costs, go ahead and bet on the photovoltaic self-consumption and contact us!

En definitiva, la garantía de la producción de energía eléctrica está en nuestras manos. No es difícil contribuir en la reducción de la huella de carbono y a su vez en la de tus costes energéticos, ¡no te lo pienses más, apuesta por el autoconsumo fotovoltaico y contáctanos!