Inoxfred enters into self-consumption and brings back the light to Rubí

Planta solar autoconsumo fotovoltaico Inoxfred

The pioneering project Rubí Brilla consists of a shared energy self-consumption plan that arises in a polygon of the same city. The proposal of the Rubí City Council raised last 2020 is still standing despite the current alarm situation. The project that we lead from Enertika consists of the installation of photovoltaic parks in the more than thirteen industries that participate in the initiative that will make Rubí shine.

Inoxfred is one of the companies that has joined the project. It is a factory dedicated to the production of custom-made stainless steel industrial furniture. Like the other companies, it is located in the industrial park in question, which has been proposed as the focus of energy generation.

For the self-consumption initiative, Inoxfred relies on us to carry out the distributed energy and energy management services under the Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model.

Photovoltaic self-consumption, the road to clean energy

Enertika offers a comprehensive distributed energy service. This covers the development of Inoxfred’s self-consumption project from engineering to the commissioning of the photovoltaic installation.  The execution of this installation involves the implementation of a photovoltaic plant with surpluses under the production guarantee modality.

The photovoltaic installation in question has an installation power of 40 Wp and consists of 77 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels. In addition, Enertika will take care of the installation of a Huawei inverter that will convert the direct energy into alternating energy. Likewise, the production that we guarantee with the implementation is 70,000 kW/h per year.

enertika autoconsumo fotovoltaico

Energy management, the key to continuous improvement

One of our actions within the project is to offer information to the client. How do we achieve this challenge? By means of our Smart Energy Management hardware and the W-Manager software from Wattabit (start-up of the Enertika group). Both have a joint mission: to minimize operating costs through the centralized transmission of production information.

To achieve this, we first installed the hardware in Inoxfred’s solar park. Smart Energy Management is responsible for measuring all the energy parameters of the self-consumption photovoltaic system. The data monitored in real time from the hardware is sent to the software connected to the hardware. This is how W-Manager stores the information and can transmit it to the customer, thus fulfilling our mission of continuous improvement.

But, ¿how?

W-Manager offers several advantages to the customer that contribute to a continuous improvement of energy production. Among others, these are:

– The digitization of their energy assets in the cloud.
– Providing information in a transparent manner. Likewise, an energy audit of consumption is carried out, and, therefore, it is discovered how to achieve savings.
– The detection of operational savings, by signaling good practice and investment projects.
– The automatic signaling of anomalies makes it possible to avoid last-minute maintenance and to prevent at all times. This is synonymous with savings in all respects.
– Automatic reporting to verify the energy efficiency of the photovoltaic system with a summary of the assets and savings achieved.

In other words, the two services of installing the solar plant and monitoring its production have been carried out by all the companies participating in the Rubí Brilla project.  The energy management and photovoltaic production and the grid connection are in the hands of Enertika. In addition, both are accompanied by the integral maintenance of the solar plant. Enertika guarantees the production of electrical energy.

The implementation of efficiency and energy management solutions are in the hands of Enertika. If you are interested in our project to contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint, and in turn in reducing your energy costs, do not hesitate and contact us!