Enertika guides ECIMA on its way to photovoltaic self-consumption

autoconsumo fotovoltaico ecima

The industrial company ECIMA, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D technical fabrics, is moving towards green energy generation by opting for a self-generation system guaranteed by Enertika. Solar energy is synonymous with clean energy, and therefore a before and after for the energy digitalization of companies and their contribution to the current environmental challenge.

From Enertika we give our hand to ECIMA in distributed generation and energy management under the EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model. It is not only about obtaining clean energy, but also about maintaining the competitiveness of the textile company in the market.

The service we offer to ECIMA includes the energy management of the photovoltaic production and the grid connection and the integral maintenance of the solar plant. In addition, from Enertika we guarantee the production of electrical energy.

How do we start? ECIMA Photovoltaic Self-consumption

The implementation of the photovoltaic installation is part of a comprehensive service that we offer to ECIMA, ranging from the engineering of the project development to the commissioning of the installation in question. In the case of ECIMA it is the implementation of a solar plant for self-consumption without surplus. All this under the modality of photovoltaic production guarantee.

This photovoltaic installation has a power of 265 kWp and consists of 504 photovoltaic modules of 172 monocrystalline cells of 525 Wp. In addition, the Enertika team installed two 110k Wn Sungrow inverters.

The implementation we carried out results in a guaranteed green energy production of approximately 300 MWh/year. Further down the concept, it would be the coverage of the energy demand of the industry by 30% of the total and a saving generated by 80% of self-consumption (375 MWh/y).

In fact, the agreement signed with ECIMA pursues the balance between energy cost savings and carbon footprint savings. To achieve the estimated production, from Enertika we offer our client the guarantee of the equipment, the tools and the integral maintenance of the installation.

autoconsumo fotovoltaico industrial

What’s next? The most efficient energy management

Our part in the project does not end with the implementation of the solar installation. To stay there with the customer, we need to take care of the optimal continuity of the project through the energy management of the photovoltaic production of the ECIMA hall. Two omnipresent agents enter into the equation: Smart Energy Management and W-Manager. It consists of a connection chain that allows our customer to obtain centralized information. First, our Smart Energy Management hardware is installed together with the solar plant and connected to it. Subsequently, the W-Manager software is connected to the software to receive and store the energy parameters of ECIMA’s production, which it calculates in real time.

Wattabit’s W-Manager software (start-up of the Enertika group) is offered to our customers under the premise of «information is power, and we want to give it to our customer». Through the monitoring system, ECIMA benefits from its functionalities such as:

1. Detection of operational savings and search for investment projects.
2. Automatic signaling of system anomalies.
3. Digitization of energy assets in the cloud.
4. Automatic reporting with a summary of assets and savings achieved.
5. Periodic energy audit to know how to achieve savings.
6. Verification and optimization of invoices.
7. Monitoring of industrial project data through a graphical representation.
8. Among others.

The sum of all the benefits that ECIMA obtains with energy management concludes in one main objective: to minimize the operating costs of the solar plant.

If you are interested in a photovoltaic self-consumption project like ECIMA’s and you want to introduce your company in the energy digitalization, do not hesitate to contact us. Energy management and distributed generation is in our hands.