Enertika promotes energy management and efficiency measures at Domusvi in collaboration with Naturgy

Domusvi, Naturgy and Enertika have worked on energy improvement through the energy efficiency of facilities in healthcare buildings

Carrying out 3 water saving and energy efficiency measures at Domusvi:

  • Renovation of the end points of water consumption by more efficient elements in 45 nursing homes
  • Restoration of lighting points by more efficient elements in 47 nursing homes
  • Reestablishment of boiler rooms, kitchens and laundries in 6 nursing homes with more efficient latest-generation equipment

Energy saving and water consumption measures

The project carried out has mainly consisted of:

  • Monitoring of the main consumption meters in 55 healthcare buildings. In addition, it includes the audit of results and project development
  • Replacement of 9,518 end points of water consumption in 45 healthcare buildings
  • Replacement of 11,170 light points in 47 healthcare buildings
  • Renovation of 5 boiler rooms of the heating and DHW systems of 5 residential centers. This also incorporates the thermal installations of the kitchens and laundries of 6 residential centers

The integral execution of the project has followed all the phases of our process of Implementation of Energy Efficiency Solutions:

  • Technical and economic analysis of the saving measure
  • Design of solutions
  • Project management for the installation of systems and equipment in project execution
  • Measurement and verification of results

The energy saving that the entire project achieves is around 1,204,700 kWh per year, reducing the environmental impact by 385 tons of CO2-eq per year.