Enertika drives the energetic improvement on Comexi installations with an integral project including distributed generation, efficiency and energetic management

Instalación fotovoltaica comexi

COMEXI GROUP INDUSTRIES and ENERTIKA are working together for energy improvement through distributed generation, efficiency and energetic management.

This project covers the industrial lighting substitution in three industrial buildings and implant two self consumption photovoltaic plants. In addition to the energetic digitalization of their installations.

The integral execution of the energetic projects includes the global energy management service (GEMS). Savings and electric production are guaranteed by this service. Likewise, electric installation monitoring and integral maintenance are included in this service.

Distributed generation

Distrubuted generation consists on two self consumption solar plants with an excess of production of 99,36 kWp and 9,66 kWp. Both plants annually produce around 149.500 kWh of clean energy, reducing environmental impact on 48 CO2-eq tonnes annually.

The 100 kWp photovoltaic installation consists of 368 polycristalline photovoltaic modules of 270 Wp with a 100 kW ABB inverter with 24 strings and 6 MPPT’s. On the other hand, the 10 kWp photovoltaic installation consists of 28 REC modules of 345 Wp with a 10 kW SMA tripower inverter with 2 strings and 1 MPPT’s.

Energy efficiency

The lighting used in Comexi’s industrial buildings consisted on 1.300 conventional technology luminaries. Enertika substituted the luminaries with LED technology, selecting the most appropriated ones, taking into consideration as well our commitment on security, hygiene, ergonomic, quality and energy efficiency by complying with lighting regulations.

This implantation has generated energy savings of up to 65 % which equals to more than 1 GWh per year. Aside from savings, the contracted electric power has been reduced on more than 200 kW, lowering replacement costs.


Energy management (GEMS)

For the customer a key point is that the energetic services company guaranteed investment and products return. Thus, ENERTIKA offered, in addition, the integral maintenance of every photovoltaic installation and the guarantee of every luminary during the project lifetime. Energy management is also included.

The installation’s energetic digitalization beholds implanting monitoring and communication hardware. This supposes:

  • Monitoring of every electric power supply connection using a digital meter
  • Air compressor electrical consumption monitored
  • Electric consumption and thermal generation awareness of the refrigeration system (chillers and recirculation pumps)
  • Chiller operational parameters monitored
  • Monitoring of certain lighting lines

With this implantation, the following services are offered:

  • Real time surveillance on energetic assets
  • Power supply connections electric consumptions centralized
  • Detection of anomalies and/or consumption outside of working planned hours
  • Photovoltaic plants and refrigeration automatic reports
  • Refrigeration system instantaneous and seasonal evaluation, both by machine and by the whole installation.
  • Electric bill validation

placas solares comexi

Generated savings

Thanks to these services, the following savings are generated:

  • Unnecessary consumption caused by improper uses, with recommendation on energy use. This type of measures don’t have any investment associated, which generated and immediate saving.
  • Consumption outside of working planned hours caused by the non-implementation of equipment shutdown protocols.
  • Remotely programming of the chiller operating hours
  • Optimize the operation of the refrigeration machine. Thanks to the set point variables remote and scheduled parameterization

As it has been exhibited all the services include warranty of every installed product and its substitution. Photovoltaic installations preventive maintenance is also included in the warranty.