Clínica Girona grows and joins photovoltaic self-consumption

clínica de girona planta solar

Grup Clínica Girona inaugurates its new clinic leaving the previous one inactive. A facility that triples the surface to offer new services and new spaces among other facilities. Their goal is to make the clinic grow, and for this reason they are betting on a photovoltaic self-consumption installation: to support a project that will involve higher costs. 

Enertika is in charge of the new solar plant that will ensure the energy digitalization of the clinic, while guaranteeing a comprehensive service (Energy as a Service) of implementation, maintenance and management of energy assets to optimize operating costs.  

In addition, Clínica Girona is committed to the SDGs of the UN Agenda in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050 and, as a medium-term challenge, a 55% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. 

The new photovoltaic self-consumption system

After studying the case, from Enertika we offer a customized solution with the conditions required for its expansion. To begin with, we implemented a photovoltaic plant without surplus with an installed power of 87 kWp. This is intended to achieve a more competitive clinic in both energy and economic terms, along with the entry into the energy transition.  

The photovoltaic self-consumption installation in question consists of a total of 164 solar panels that generate 112 MWh of green energy annually, which are guaranteed by Enertika through our Energy as a Service. 

When we talk in terms of sustainability, it is because the solar plant is not only focused on savings, but also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. Specifically, with the dimensions of the installation, 53 tons of CO2 per year are avoided.  

instalación fotovoltaica nueva clínica de girona

Energy management to ensure plant efficiency

When the photovoltaic installation is executed, our Smart Energy Management hardware is implemented, a device that measures the energy parameters of the solar plant, i.e. it performs a monitoring function.  

Simultaneously, the hardware sends the information it collects in real time to Wattabit’s W-Manager software program. Therefore, the program functions as a storage system for the information, so that it is not lost. Once accumulated, the platform manages to minimize the operating costs of the system, since by means of automatic reporting it is able to detect anomalies instantly so that they can be solved immediately by our technical team. And not only that, thanks to the audits we are able to detect savings and investment opportunities to continuously improve the efficiency of the solar plant.  

At Enertika we know that energy cost reduction is achieved through information and action. That is why we offer the visualization of consumption and KPIs through automatic reporting to the client, to ensure transparent communication and demonstrate the optimal operation of the installation.  

That said, if you are interested in joining the energy transition and making your company compete in a market that requires the sustainability of industries, do not hesitate to contact us