Carrier Montilla relies on Enertika once and twice for its sustainable lighting project

Carrier Montilla is a multinational company dedicated to the manufacture of air conditioning and air treatment systems (rooftops, compact units, preconditioned air for airplanes, dehumidifiers…), which proposes a new sustainable lighting strategy with Enertika.

Enertika offers Carrier Montilla our lighting system optimization service that opens the door to a drastic reduction of the costs associated with the system. Thus maintaining full control of the facilities from the investment in efficient lighting solutions.

Our role in the Carrier Montilla project is divided into two sequential parts: the first is the result of a change in the company’s direction, and the second is a consequence of this new perspective adopted by the company.

Eficiencia energética industria

Part One: Shifting the focus to energy efficiency

The company’s first proposal in its new path towards sustainable lighting is a change of the interior and exterior luminaire of its industrial building in Montilla, which had always operated with conventional lighting.

Our task, then, was to change the lighting system for a more efficient one that would result in energy efficiency. So, what were the changes to achieve the energy savings?

1. Replacement of the old industrial bells with 400W HQI bulbs for 585 LED bells of 130W.

2. Replacement of 42 400W projectors (8 of them indoor and 35 outdoor) with 150W LED projectors.

3. Replacement of 111 waterproof fluorescent screens of 2x56W and 2x36W by waterproof LED screens of 50W and 40W.

This results in a more efficient lighting installation, since the annual consumption of the Carrier Montilla factory in Cordoba is reduced by more than half. As a result, consumption drops from 1400 kWh per year to approximately 498 kWh per year. This is due to the installed power. If during the pre-installation step it was 230 kW, now the system has a power of 85 kW. In conclusion, the replacement of the old luminaire with the current efficient luminaire has generated a saving in percentage figures of 65%, making the value of electrical energy savings 890 MWh per year.

Part two: new course, new outdoor storage, new luminaire

After the successful first part of the project, our client entrusts us with a new task: to start from scratch at his new facility. No changes are needed, the site is clean and ready to be illuminated in a sustainable and efficient way.

The task was to install LED columns and floodlights in the new outdoor warehouse. Before carrying out the installation, our team carried out a study with Dialux Evo 9.2 software of the future lighting system applied in the installation in question for Carrier Montilla.

After the analysis, the execution concludes in the installation of two columns of 16 meters with crown with 3 projectors each of 200W. In addition, we implemented 4 projectors of the same power on the front of the new industrial outdoor warehouse of our client.

Likewise, the lighting ascension is done automatically through an astronomical clock and a lighting sensor that allow the lighting system to be put into operation when a decline of the natural light outside is detected. 

iluminación LED Enertika

The implementation of energy efficiency solutions through LED lighting systems are a new step for companies towards the reduction of energy costs and sustainability. If you are interested in taking the step as Carrier Montilla has done, do not hesitate and contact us!