The energy management project ends at Barcelona City Council

Gestión energética Ajuntament de Barcelona

The company of Engineering and Energy Efficiency Services Enertika was awarded the provision of technical assistance and quality control of public and ornamental lighting and connections for civic acts of Barcelona City Council.

Part of this service is aimed to give assistance and advice in the management of billing and control of spending. In addition, it includes the basic diagnosis of the electricity supply for public lighting in Barcelona. This provision will be given with administrative and / or technical support for its realization and monitoring, as well as continuous monitoring of consumption and billing expenses from the supplying company.

With urban areas striving to be increasingly intelligent, street lighting and the entire structure that supports it is under close supervision. This supervision is given by the local organizations themselves concerned with cutting costs, saving energy and creating an attractive environment for their citizens.

Under this need, numerous innovations, that are changing the way urban areas are illuminated, are emerging. These innovations include the evolution of elements with LED technology; technology that, despite being very novel, has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years.

Independent technological consulting led by Enertika

Barcelona’s City Council has an independent technological consultancy, led by Enertika. This consultancy, thus, carries out evaluations and monitoring of new technologies applicable to public lighting. All this advice in both software and hardware.

In this way, the products to be evaluated were:

  • Point-to-point control systems for luminaires
  • Dimming systems, both with the individual equipment installed for each luminaire and in the dimming equipment located at the head of the electrical panel
  • LED luminaires
  • Dynamic control devices for ignition of electrical panels

The tasks to be performed were:

  • Previous analysis of the suitability of the different products available in the market, evaluating the technical characteristics of the product, the benefits, costs of implementation and exploitation
  • Analysis of the applicability of the product in the park of city facilities, by making implementation proposals according to benefits, establishing implementation criteria and monitoring indicators)
  • Coordination of the implementation of the pilot tests with the different agents involved
  • Definition of indicators that allow the different systems / products to be evaluated to be compared
  • Data exploitation for the analysis of the reliability, savings and efficiency of the different new technological systems
  • In the case of technologies already installed in the city, carrying out monitoring reports to verify correct operation according to the benefits provided at the time