Axión and Enertika promote the implementation of photovoltaic self-consumption in their main telecommunication centers

axion placas solares

This project promotes photovoltaic self-consumption in AXIÓN TELECOMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURES. This way, it would join the objectives of reducing emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere under the COP21 agreement in Paris 2015.

The project consists on installation of 7 Photovoltaic Electric Generation plants in Self-consumption mode with a zero-discharge control system to avoid injection of energy to the electric distribution grid.

The integral execution of energy projects is accompanied by the client’s (Axión) own energy management service. This service is responsible for guaranteeing savings and electricity production and for monitoring of electrical installations.

Self-consumption photovoltaic systems

Enertika is responsible for the comprehensive execution of photovoltaic self-consumption installations without surpluses in telecommunications centers. This involves the development of the project from engineering to commissioning.

The distributed generation consists of 7 solar self-consumption plants with no surplus.

  • Two of the installations have been carried out throughout 2019, with installed peak powers of 40.32 kWp and 22.4 kWp. Both of which will produce around 100,055 kWh of clean energy per year. This means reducing the environmental impact by 32 tons of CO2-eq per year.
    • The 40 kWp photovoltaic installation consists of 144 280 Wp polycrystalline photovoltaic panels with a 36 kW HUAWEI inverter with 8 strings and 4 MPPTs.
    • The 22 kWp photovoltaic installation consists of 84 280 Wp photovoltaic modules and a 20 kW HUAWEI inverter with 6 strings and 3 MPPTs.
  • The five remaining facilities to be executed throughout 2020 have a peak power of 51.00 kWp, 28.56 kWp, 24.00 kWp, 22.4 kWp and 19.20 kWp. Among all the facilities, they will produce around 221,085 kWh of clean energy per year. All this implies reducing the environmental impact by 71 tons of CO2-eq per year.

Photovoltaic production and electricity supply will be supervised by monitoring the solar inverter and the electrical connection meter. Likewise, Enertika will be responsible for the maintenance of the facilities for the first two years.

These projects are an excellent opportunity for our clients to start energy digitalization. At the same time, they obtain guaranteed extra savings of up to 40% with the implementation of energy management and efficiency solutions. All this from the first moment and without investments. Are you interested? Contact us!