PPA photovoltaic self-consumption

0 investment and savings from day one

The future of renewables

At Enertika we adapt to your financial needs with the clean energy sales contract. Take advantage of our PPA model (Power Purchase Agreement) through which we guarantee your electricity consumption from renewable sources at a fixed price.

12 years of experience

In Enertika we have great professionals, engineers and specialized technicians with extensive experience in distributed generation projects. In addition, we have a wide range of solutions and services that guarantee savings and durability of the project in the long term. Want to join energy transition? We are with you. 

Without investment

Nosotros asumimos los costes del proyecto. Consigue para tu empresa paneles solares, infraestructuras con marquesinas solares, puntos de recargas para vehículo eléctrico y otras muchas ventajas a través de las cuales comenzarás a ahorrar.

Get up to 30% savings on your electricity bill!

The benefits?