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Photovoltaic self-consumption
Clean energy at the best price
Waste recovery
Get energy from your waste
Combined heat&Power
Cogenerating is saving, it is competitiveness

Enertika has extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of self-generation systems in companies in the industrial and telecommunications sectors.

We offer differentiated and personalized solutions, ensuring the generation of clean and renewable energy, and decoupling part of your cost from the energy market


Enertika offers, through its distributed generation services, the following advantages:
If the price of energy rises, you will not pay more thanks to our Energy as a Service contract
Join the European Directives and International Agreements against Climate Change
We adapt to your financial needs. Through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or Energy as a Service contract
We guarantee the proper functioning of the installation through permanent monitoring supervised by our experts.
We assure you the estimated production, the guarantee of the equipment and the total maintenance of the installation
Reduce your energy cost even more by combining our Efficiency Services and energy management

How we do it

Enertika studies your situation in detail and designs the most suitable solution. We implement the most advanced reliable technology, and maintain and operate it using our energy management platform.
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  • Study & design
    We carry out a personalized preliminary study according to the curve of your consumption and design the solution that best suits your needs
  • Project execution
    Legalizations, assembly and commissioning with top quality equipment
  • Financial structuring
    Enertika financially structures the project and assumes the risk performance, guaranteeing a production and a fixed electricity price.
  • Digitalization
    Of consumption and generation. 24/7 maintenance and comprehensive management
  • Start saving
    Ready to save by generating clean energy
Some of our

executed projects

Discover our latest success stories in companies that have opted to generate their own energy

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Our experts in distributed generation will analyze your consumption profile and find the installation that best suits your needs