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Reduce your industry’s CO2 emissions: five solutions

Today on Enertika’s blog we will talk about the five most effective solutions to reduce your industry CO2 emissions. From those that require a low investment to those more powerful and substantial. If you want to know how you can decarbonize your company, do not hesitate to read this article.

Why should you reduce your industry CO2 emissions?

Initiating the energy transition is no longer an option for industry in the face of the European Green Deal. Why? Basically, the polluter pays policy. If the most polluting sectors, such as airlines, industrial plants or power stations, pollute more than the pact requires, they will have to buy emission permits per ton of CO2.

This is made possible by the emissions trading system, which works in the form of an auction, and therefore the prices of these permits are regulated according to the laws of supply and demand. So companies had better start reducing their emissions if they do not want to expose themselves to this risk. In conclusion, it is an economic incentive for companies to become proactive.

business impact carbon footprint

Solution 1: Workers first

One of the most economical and accessible measures, which is a win-win for the company and its staff, is teleworking, which has been very popular since the health crisis. By means of a hybrid modality, in which face-to-face and remote work is combined, savings are achieved in the electricity bill, since part of the staff will not be consuming.

At the same time, the fact that the workers do not have to use transport means significant savings for them, even more so nowadays. The company can also implement a mobility plan of shared transport in which the staff is organized to get to work in the same car or provide a vehicle for groups.

telework savings

Solution 2: More efficient technologies

Investing in more efficient technologies has many benefits for the industry: on the one hand, it saves time, since upgrading machinery in time and avoiding possible inefficiencies through energy management software will ensure that production is not interrupted.

On the other hand, it saves on the energy bill, since the investment in more efficient technologies is directly compensated in the industry’s expenses; producing more and better with the same time. Finally, and of course, more efficient technologies help to reduce the industry’s carbon emissions for both of the above reasons.

Solution 3: Renewable sources and photovoltaics

No doubt, the most drastic and effective way to reduce your industry’s CO2 emissions is renewables. That is, that the production processes of your company are supplied by energy from renewable sources, especially solar, the most affordable both economically and in the long term.

In Enertika we are specialists in industrial photovoltaic self-consumption, and above all, in PPA contracts, which allow companies to have solar plants without initial investment. With the savings generated during the 10 or 15 years of the contract, the company will have saved enough to pay for the plant and become the owner. 

renewables to reduce emissions

Solution 4: Energy efficiency and sustainable lighting measures

The measures that companies usually start with is the replacement of the conventional lighting system by LED. The truth is that most companies have already switched to this technology some time ago, as it is the most sustainable lighting on the market and consumes the least (after natural light points).

Other energy efficiency measures in industry that contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions in companies are: the optimization of air conditioning or compressed air systems.

Solution 5: Calculate the carbon footprint

Finally, it is essential to calculate the carbon footprint of your industry. Identifying which are the main sources of polluting emissions is the first step to set targets and comply with those of the European Green Pact. Knowledge is power, and knowing what your carbon footprint is due to will help you decide which of the above measures to start with.

reduce industry co2 emissions

We close the article with a brief review of the measures: prioritizing savings for workers, opting for solar energy and investing in more efficient technologies, switching to LED lighting systems and knowing the main sources of emissions in your industry.

If you want to reduce your industry CO2 emissions, do not hesitate to contact us and avoid future penalties.