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Why should I install solar panels in my neighborhood community?

Why not install solar panels in my neighborhood community? If this question has crossed your mind, you have come to the perfect place to find the answer you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Most of the population of Spain lives in blocks with potential for photovoltaic self-consumption, and although there are still few neighborhood communities that have taken the step to solar energy, an exponential growth of these cases has been detected. And what is the reason for this trend?

To begin with, the population has become aware of the energy supply that a photovoltaic installation represents. Moreover, taking into account that the price of electricity has reached historic highs this 2022. On the other hand, the commitment to the environment goes beyond the economic framework and the reduction of the carbon footprint has become more of a priority from a socio-economic perspective.

Let’s get to the point, today we will talk about solar communities, the benefits that solar panels can bring to your neighborhood community, the steps to follow and their profitability.

What are solar communities or collective self-consumption?

Traditionally, houses, i.e. single-family homes, were the main investors in domestic self-consumption. Now, thanks to energy disclosure and the critical environmental and electricity market situation, more and more communities of neighbors are joining the solar energy. So photovoltaic self-consumption is valid for large urbanizations and buildings.

This is where the term “solar communities” comes from, when a neighborhood community buys solar panels and shares the energy generated. In fact, most of the population of Spain lives in blocks with a remarkable potential for self-consumption. These communities could be totally envied by others, as they are able to generate their own 100% renewable energy and save on their electricity bill while the investment in the plant is divided among its members.

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Benefits of photovoltaic self-consumption in neighborhood associations

Although we have already made a small introduction on how solar panels benefit your neighborhood community, now let’s see if we can definitively convince you with the following advantages:

Get to supply the common services

We could talk about sustainable energy self-supply, which would be another way of saying that, by means of solar panels, the neighborhood community can cover the energy costs of the common areas. Elevator, automatic staircase lighting, intercom…. In addition, shared self-consumption helps the families in the block to save on their individual bills.

Increase the value of the properties

Inevitably, it increases the value of the homes in the block as well as the value of the community of neighbors. This is a long-term strategy, i.e., although buying a house with a photovoltaic installation is more expensive, over time the investment will pay for itself and the savings will grow.

Decreases energy dependence, goodbye to tariff increases!

As mentioned above, the main advantage of installing panels in your community of neighbors is to stop depending on electricity rates, which rise without notice and without apparent solution. When you do not expose yourself to this risk, not only do you save, but if you decide to remain connected to the grid, you will be able to sell the surplus (energy not consumed) and receive financial compensation.

Commitment to reducing your carbon footprint

Beyond economic interests, you and your community of neighbors can do your bit in terms of ecology. By installing photovoltaic systems, you can reduce pollution and contribute to protecting the environment. 

Más allá de los intereses económicos, tu comunidad de vecinos y tú, podéis aportar vuestro granito de arena en cuanto a ecología. Mediante la instalación fotovoltaica podrás reducir la contaminación y contribuirás en proteger el medio ambiente. 

And the most important: savings

What else is there to say? A photovoltaic installation in a community of neighbors is synonymous with savings. In figures: savings in a community can reduce up to 40% of your electricity bill. In addition, we have to take into account the self-consumption mode with surplus and compensation mentioned above, which increases the savings.

beneficios paneles solares comunidad de vecinos

Installing solar panels in your community of neighbors step by step

In view of all the advantages of installing solar panels in your community of neighbors, let’s get down to work: how do we start?

1. Meeting on the hall: neighborhood agreement

The first step is democracy. Reaching an agreement with the community of neighbors means getting the approval of at least one third of the owners. Moreover, if someone is not interested in the project, they can disassociate themselves from it and not participate in the investment, but not enjoy the savings either.

2. Contact Enertika

Who says Enertika says the installation company, but here we are very clear and we must convince you. We will do a feasibility and profitability study together with the design of the project. And finally we will offer you a personalized offer. So far it seems simple, but the time for the formalities is approaching.

3. Paperwork: requesting permits prior to installation

Before the solar power plant can be built, some permits are required, but don’t worry, Enertika will take care of this for you! Some of the permits are environmental and public utility authorizations, building permit and taxes, access and connection permits…

4. Install the panels, let’s get to work!

Now it’s time to get started. With all the paperwork in order, we can now start with the installation of the photovoltaic plant, and this is in our hands. There is less and less time left to start saving!

5. And more paperwork: post-installation permits

All that’s left is the last push, a little more paperwork and that’s it. Once the solar panels have been installed in your neighborhood community, the installation company will take care of the previous permits: Certificate of installation or end of work, initial inspection (for installations of more than 10kW), energy supply contract for auxiliary services. As well as representation contracts, access to the installation, surplus compensation. And we do not continue because we do not want to overwhelm you, this is our business.

The time has come, is it profitable?

As a general rule, photovoltaic self-consumption represents a guaranteed saving, whether in companies, industries, homes or neighborhood communities. It is true that, in order to state with certainty that the installation of solar panels in your community of neighbors is the ideal option, certain requirements must be met. These requirements are related to the consumption of the building, i.e., having a high electricity bill, having expenses in elevators, automatic lighting, lighting in the garage, common areas… And let’s not even talk about how profitability increases when you have a garden, swimming pool or air conditioning systems.

As we have said, your block probably meets most of the requirements to make the decision to install solar panels. So, congratulations, your community is the ideal candidate! If you have no more doubts and you decide to join the collective photovoltaic self-consumption, do not hesitate to contact us, to ask questions, get information or start the project.