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Energy management: necessity or complement?

Today in Enertika’s blog we want to make a special tribute to energy management, a service often forgotten by its background or silent presence in comprehensive projects. So, without further ado, let’s give it prominence.

What is energy management?

Energy management is the optimization of the energy assets of an industry or company. Therefore, it consists of controlling consumption through actions such as remote monitoring, analysis and others that we will discuss later, thus achieving continuous improvement and efficiency of the same industrial processes. In other words, it consists of knowing in order to save, information is power!

energy management

Difference between energy management and energy efficiency

The confusion between the terms energy management and energy efficiency is often due to the eclipse of the former by the latter. As a general rule, the difference lies in the fact that energy efficiency is savings and management is investment. We will now tell you more about this in detail.

Energy efficiency is based on the relationship between the production of a performance and the energy expenditure required to produce it, and in the end, working to reduce energy consumption to carry out the processes. In a way, energy efficiency is accessible individually, hiring energy from renewable sources, changing the traditional light bulbs in your home for LEDs, riding a bike, etc. But things become more complex when we talk about large companies. In this case, this service require professionals to take care of tasks such as the optimization of compressed air or air conditioning systems and sustainable lighting systems, among others. We could speak of a balance between the environment and the economy.

Energy management is often defined as a type of efficiency, but at Enertika we prefer to see it as one more piece of the process to achieve energy efficiency; a key piece. This service allows all consumption, already modified by energy efficiency systems, to reach its maximum potential.

transición energética cambio climático

Energy management benefits for your company

So far you can already imagine where the shots go, and why energy management can be essential for companies that are entering the energy transition, but, come on now let’s get down to business. Here are its benefits. 

Saving money at its best

Let’s talk about savings, let’s talk about seeing results from the first bill. It is not just a question of boosting consumption reduction, but of its immediacy, of its short-term effects. On the other hand, and just as important, we must be aware that energy management goes beyond all the savings possibilities, from photovoltaic self-consumption to the different energy efficiency services. It is a catalyzing and accentuating agent of these measures. In other words, when you thought you could not save any more, it happens.

Goodbye to invoice penalties

One of the reasons why energy management allows instant savings is due to its direct, remote function. Thanks to its real-time performance, the management software automatically detects anomalies, unexpected consumption and inefficiencies. And, on the other hand, identify operational savings, good practice and investment projects.

Energy awareness

Since an energy education democratization plan has not yet been formalized, energy management is an opportunity to become aware of what energy consumption represents. Knowing your consumption and the energy required by the processes of your industry is a way to be part of the same service.

Have it all in the spot now!

Information is power and more when you have it at the moment. At Enertika we believe that transparency in communication in a service like this is essential to make the customer aware of what is happening. This is achieved through energy audits, digitization of energy assets centralized in the cloud and automatic reporting.

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And what about ISO 50001?

You’ve probably heard of ISO 50001. In a nutshell, it is an internationally recognized energy management system certificate (EMS) that offers organizations and companies to manage and improve their energy performance. In short, it is a way to increase and improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bill costs.

By now we have probably answered the initial question: is energy management a necessity or a complement? Obviously, it depends on how you look at it and what future prospects your company has. But considering that all comprehensive services include it, the answer is easy. If you bet on savings, do not stay halfway. If you are interested in a service like this, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals.