reducir factura eléctrica empresa

How can I reduce my company’s electricity bill?

Given the vertiginous increase in the price of electricity, looking for measures to reduce your company electricity bill has become an almost mandatory task. The current problem is the industry’s dependence on the monopoly of traditional electricity companies and therefore, companies must resort to other energy solutions so that their consumption does not become their main handicap. It is for this reason that today in Enertika’s blog we will propose different ways to save on your company’s electricity bill.

LEDs to reduce energy consumption

A simple first step is to replace your old lighting system with LED technology. It is usually the first option to consider because of its savings potential, as it can reduce your company electricity bill by up to 80% in terms of lighting. In fact, it is a much more efficient system than energy-saving bulbs.

Moreover, it is not only a technology associated with a drastic reduction in energy costs, it is also the most sustainable lighting system. In conclusion, the perfect combination for an energy-efficient company.

iluminación led para ahorrar en tu factura

Optimize industrial processes to save money as soon as possible

Let’s talk specifically about industries where efficient lighting is not always enough for their costly industrial processes. By means of a study of the consumption of the industry it is possible to detect cases in which the machinery consumes too much energy, and that has a solution.

In Enertika we offer two essential services for industries with high production: the optimization of air conditioning systems and compressed air systems. On the one hand, the optimization of air conditioning systems consists of the generation and maximized control of the efficiency of the development of the activity of companies that require thermal energy in the form of heat or cold.

On the other hand, the optimization of compressed air systems tries to provide the necessary compressed air flow for your industrial process, optimizing its generation, distribution and maintenance, and therefore, its current cost. In other words, optimizing to reduce the company’s electricity bill considerably.

Photovoltaic self-consumption: renewable energy at the best price

And now it really is. If you want to save on your bill while you introduce yourself to the energy transition, your best option is to switch to industrial photovoltaic self-consumption. It may seem like a giant step in terms of the size of a photovoltaic plant, but think about it, in the end all industries have a roof or adjacent land to take advantage of. In addition, you can get a photovoltaic plant with zero initial investment. That is to say, there are PPA contracts in which Enertika is specialized. These consist of guaranteeing the company energy from renewable sources at a fixed monthly price while the initial investment of the solar plant is in our hands.

In conclusion, through a solar plant, you can get up to 30% savings in terms of reducing the electricity bill of your company. Obviously, we can not ignore the incentives and aid for industrial photovoltaic self-consumption for SMEs of the Next Generation program of the EU, if you are interested here you can find the aid that fits your company, and if you have any questions please contact our team.

Know your consumption to reduce your company electricity bill

As we have already mentioned above, in order to know which is the most suitable option for your company, you must first know your consumption. It is precisely for this reason that, before using measures, a prior study of your company’s energy consumption is required. To manage all industrial processes, optimizing systems is not enough if you do not control what you spend.

There is no doubt that nowadays energy management is essential in all energy efficiency services, basically because without remote monitoring and control, the company can lose opportunities for savings due to late detection of anomalies. So in a nutshell, energy management is synonymous with reducing your company electricity bill continuously, i.e. with ever-increasing savings. To carry out this function there are programs such as W-Manager or our GEMS service included in all our comprehensive services.

Now that you know some of the ways that exist to reduce the energy bill of your company, do not wait to take the step and achieve greater energy independence. Enertika will be waiting for you.