Simulador instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Photovoltaic systems simulator, create your own in 2 minutes!

Still don’t know our photovoltaic systems simulator? No problem, now we tell you about it. It is true that sometimes the idea of having a solar plant in your company or industry is difficult to imagine, especially when you do not visualize it and you do not know neither the results nor its dimensions. We understand you, that’s why Enertika and Wattabit have created a simulator to create your photovoltaic self-consumption installation at your own pace and faster than you think.

What is a photovoltaic systems simulator?

Our simulator is a program that allows users to create in a virtual reality their solar plant, whether for their company, residence or industry. Basically, it is at the service of people interested in taking the step, to know the requirements of their installation, the results and the parameters of interest. The simulator is programmed so that the user can use it on their own and free of charge, without any commitment.

To give you an idea, the simulator is designed to answer all the questions you have already asked yourself: How much can I save on my electricity bill? What is the investment required for the solar plant according to the size of my company? How many panels will fit on my roof? How much energy can I generate?

el nuevo simulador fotovoltaico

What does the simulation offer?

Calculate savings | The photovoltaic self-consumption simulator automatically calculates the investment required for the solar plant according to the dimensions of your available space, whether on the ground, roof or rooftop. You will also be able to know how much you can save with the installation, that is, depending on the energy generated, you will be able to see how it is reflected in your electricity bill and how it contrasts with your average consumption curve. It also offers you data on payback: how long it will take you to obtain a return on your investment. Additionally, you will be able to know other financing and leasing data according to the option you are most interested in.

Any roof will work for us | The simulation program designs photovoltaic installations with and without surpluses based on the area you define as available. In addition, the designs are adaptable to any type of roof.

Automatic design | You make your own and explore different options, the simulator is at your service. In addition to its ability to design solar plants simultaneously, it also creates an optimized design based on a systematic analysis of your consumption curve.

Using the photovoltaic system simulator step-by-step

Now, how does our photovoltaic installation simulator work? With our simulator, in just 4 steps you will be able to know the parameters of your solar plant: number of photovoltaic modules, how the generation of clean energy will be reflected in your electricity bill, the initial investment, etc. 

simulador instalaciones fotovoltaicas paso a paso

1. Draw your deck on the map: Select your location and click to select the vertices of your deck and join them to close it.

2. Tell us about your consumption: Write down your average monthly consumption and activity schedule, average consumption per month and annual hourly curve.

3. Now, kWh/€: Enter the cost for each of the selected tariff periods.

4. Your offer in 2 minutes: From the installed power to the energy balance. From the investment in the installation to the economic indicators, all you have to do now is take the plunge!

And once you have finished, if you want to join the energy transition and take the final step, do not hesitate to contact our team to request information about our comprehensive photovoltaic self-consumption service.