Estalvi amb les noves tarifes elèctriques amb la tecnologia data science d'Enertika

Barcelona Energia uses Data Science technology to boost the economic saving coinciding with the arrival of the new electricity fees

  • Thanks to the Data Science technology, provided by Enertika and its technology subsidiary Wattabit, all available data will be analyzed in order to detect trends that allow the prediction of consumptions and, consequently, establish which actions can be executed for accomplishing with the energy necessities of each user.
  • The initiative coincides with the arrival of the new toll, transport cost and electricity distribution calculation methodology, where 3 different ranges of light prices will be established and the energy efficient people or the ones with photovoltaic self-consumption systems will be rewarded.
  • The public marketer will study the electricity consumption generated by its users over the last 12 months, which will quarterly receive a personalized report with recommendations regarding the generation of economic and energy savings.

Barcelona, May 28, 2021.- Starting in July, Barcelona Energia, the electricity public marketer of the Barcelona City Council and AMB, will make available to all its users a quarterly personalized study on the generated electricity consumption over the last months, with the objective of knowing the necessities of each user in detail and advising them in order to reduce the price of the electricity bill. 

The public energy marketer, following the purpose of achieving an effective energy transition, has bet on the Data Science technology provided by Enertika and its subsidiary Wattabit, to process and analyze in an efficient and predictive way the consumption data of the users. By doing so, they offer personalized consulting to optimize the power and the contracted rate, according to the necessities of each user. In such way, through the user electricity consumption study, the company will make a personalized report which will detail the saving methods that the user can use in order to optimize the price of its electricity bill. 

It will also be specified how to improve the energy efficiency and what environmental protection is involved in the consumption of Barcelona Energy’s green and sustainable electricity. In addition, with these studies and, the reports subsequently provided, which will be made free of charge, it is expected a 25% increase of the users’ economic savings. 

For Sergio Cano, head of user service department of Barcelona Energia: “According to our mission of working towards the effective energy transition, with these studies we will ensure that our users receive personalized advice based on its consumption profile from our team of experts: from how to optimize the contracted power to how many hours and days it should be avoided a high electricity consumption, especially now, that three different electricity price ranges will be implemented: “punta” (the most expensive period), “vall” (the cheapest) and “plana”. In addition, Cano adds: “By analyzing the individual household consumption, we can observe automatically which little details can help users reduce the consumption. We are talking about, for example, detecting if the user is consuming 20% more energy when cooking by boiling the water without covering the pan, or if there are to many household appliances on standby, or if it is using high consume white goods such as dishwashers or washing machines during rush hour, that is to say, from 10h to 14h and from 18h to 22h… We can detect these little signs that maybe are just done because of lack of awareness that, with no effort, can reduce the electricity bill significantly”.