Proyecto autoconsumo Volkswagen Navarra y Enertika

Volkswagen Navarra takes part in the challenge of the climate emergency by committing to carbon neutrality

Enertika collaborates with the plant in the preparation of the plan of measures that will define the decarbonization strategy for the coming years.

Barcelona, May 19, 2021.- The Volkswagen Navarra factory, with a forward-looking view, continues its course towards total decarbonization by 2050, maintaining its commitment to the environment and to the Volkswagen Group’s alignment with the Paris Agreements that establish a concrete framework to avoid a global temperature increase above 2ºC.

Last April, the Council and the European Parliament reached a political agreement enshrining in law an increase in the collective target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions from 40% to 55% below 1990 levels by 2030.

To this new objective must be added the casuistry of the automotive sector in international emissions trading, which will cease to receive free allowances in 2030 and will have to go to the market to offset them. This could have a strong impact on the competitiveness of non-decarbonized industries. During this year 2021, prices per ton of CO₂ have increased by more than 30%, exceeding €50/ton.

Currently, in Spain, part of the CO₂ emissions come from the industrial sector. This is why the automotive industry is a key player in achieving the climate neutrality strategy proposed for 2050.

Furthermore, the industry should also take advantage of the Next Generation European fund recovery plan for Spain, which has a high percentage of decarbonization and more than 17,000 million in aid.

In view of the factory’s commitment to decarbonization, Volkswagen Navarra is working together with Enertika in the identification and comprehensive analysis of those projects that allow achieving these objectives from a technical, legal and financial point of view.

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