Segona edició de les 24 hores d'inovació Barcelona FP

ENERTIKA participates in the second edition of the 24h Innovació Barcelona FP

The second edition o the hackathon will be marked by AI and virtuality

Barcelona, April 7, 2021.- The second edition of the 24H Innovació Barcelona VET that will be celebrated on April 15, is an organized and financed event by the Education Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and by the Fundación Bankia for the Formación Dual.

This iniciative arises from the innovation unity of Direcció General d’FP and Ensenyaments de Règim Especial, ImpulsFP and especially, fromthe InnovaFP program, with which this hackathon pretends to approach the talent and creative potential of the VET to the company through business challenges which the participants must resolve within 24 hours.

The 200 participants will be distributed in 24 challenges and will have the objective of finding solutions to the challenges proposed by the companies from different sectors in 24 hours. The companies in issue are Danone, TRAM, Vueling, Aigües de Barcelona, TMB, DKV, Bayer, MediaMarkt, Santiveri, Hospital Clínic, Nestlé, Miro, Hospital de la Vall d’Hebrón, Everis, Opinno, MACBA, Circuit de Catalunya, Girbau, Seidor, DAMM, Sagardi, IAAC i Enertika. The solution proposals will have to comprise different formats: from products to the software creation or services with no creative limitations.

For the first time, the workshop can be followed through a streaming broadcast program with discussion panels, talks, tracking of the prototypes, visits to the teams and interventions with the high level experts with Xavier Marcet.

In additon, this edition aimed to expand borders and will count on a country and on an autonomous community as guests. The guests roles are taken on by the Valencian Community and the Netherlands. Both of them will participate in this second edition with 9 students each who are included among the 24 teams participating in the 24 challenges to be solved in 24 hours.

Artificial Intelligence and new technology for guaranteed success

This 2021, unlike the first edition, where the event was on-site, the 24 hours will be completely virtual and will be provided with tools such as Micro, a collective digital board platform with more than 15 million users around the world that allows to display and develop all the creation process helping finding more innovative solutions and guaranteeing coordination among teams.

The teams, formed by vocational training students from all over Catalonia and the neighboring regions, will meet virtually to work on the solution to the challenge presented. These teams will be multidisciplinary in order to ensure the sum of their personalities, intelligence and diverse talents, which will allow them to develop innovative ideas and concepts.

In addition, the 24 teams will have the opportunity to walk through a virtual recreation where their avatars, recreated from the face of each student, will be able to attend training sessions, workshops and visits to the different stands to connect with the presentations of the prototypes. The virtual space will work with Dynamic 3D Audio technology that will allow them to feel and converse only among the closest avatars, thus ensuring a complete virtual experience.

The teams will be formed thanks to an Artificial Intelligence software developed by the IIIA-CSIC that will measure the skills and personalities of the students and will group the members of the teams in order to have a range of skills as balanced and disruptive as possible. In addition, each team will have two shakers who will mentor the group throughout the proposal development process.

The students will therefore have to devise, prototype and present a solution to the challenge that has been proposed to them and they will have at their disposal different tools to make possible whatever they want as a solution. The projects will then be evaluated by a jury and a first prize and a second prize will be awarded according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Originality, creativity and innovation of solutions and concepts.
  • Respect for the environment, sustainable development
  • Technical and economic feasibility.
  • Relevance to user needs.
    Ability to work as a team in solving the challenge.

Therefore, we hope that this second virtual edition of the 24H Innovation 24H VET Barcelona for Dualiza will be as successful as the first one and that the participation of companies, centers and students will prove once again that VET is a high level and future training.
Together to innovate and create the tomorrow’s world.

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