segona edició del Programa d’aprenentatge i mentoria iFest de la Generalitat de Catalunya

ENERTIKA participates in the second edition of the learning and mentorship Program of the Generalitat de Catalunya iFest

Enertika starts the challenge: How can we achieve a more sustainable and social energy through Collaborative Energy?

Barcelona, December 23, 2020.- iFest, is the festival of disruption, science and technology for young people, present and future talent, who in the coming years will have the opportunity to make their contributions to society.

The idea is that young people can develop a real challenge proposed by a company and carry out a learning and acceleration program that will last approximately 4 months (from October to December) and will end with the creation of a real prototype to be defended on the day of the celebration of this technology festival, innovation and entrepreneurship, which will take place in February 2021, where a Demo Day competition will be held to present the projects, with access to awards and prizes.  

The challenge presented by Enertika is based on the current energy model in which every one buys and consumes its own energy, it is a rigid and hardly democratic. The consumer, apart from paying does not have any other possibility to make a proactive management that allows them to obtain a more economic energy with less environmental impact.

The Directive 2018/2001 of the European Union and the RD244/19 open the door to the figure of prosumers (generators/consumers) and to the shared self-consumption, giving the energy communities the capacity to generate, consume, store and sell green renewable energy.

obre la porta a la figura dels prosumers 

The students will have to propose Collaborative Energy models defining their technological structure, the scheme of relationships between all the actors of the system, the business model that makes them viable taking into account the legal and regulatory limitations, all framed in a practical case that allows us to evaluate their social, economic and environmental impact.

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