Agreement with AEBALL/UPMBALL to contract services of energy and self-consumption projects

Enertika becomes AEBALL/UPMBALL’s partner to help its associates with energy projects and self-consumption

AEBALL/UPMBALL and ENERTIKA achieve a collaboration agreement to offer advantages in the contracting of energy services. That means, those related to the development of photovoltaic self-consumption projects, energy efficiency and energy management.

ENERTIKA is a catalonian energy services company that offers differentiated and combined solutions under the EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model. Therefore, its objective is to optimize energy cost, EBITDA and environmental sustainability of its clients without investment.

They are professionals with extensive experience in photovoltaic self-consumption (including PPA’s), lighting improvement projects, air conditioning, compressed air. In addition, monitoring and control in the industrial field and urban infrastructure at national and international level.


  • Free analysis of the technical and financial viability of energy efficiency and generation projects (self-consumption) for all those associates who ask for it and have a contracted power of > 100kW
  • Free energy efficiency pre-audit, valued at 852
  • Monitoring pack with energy management service valued at 1,000 euros with a 30% discount for associates in 2020. Final price with discount: 700