SEAT bets on carbon neutrality at their Martorell factory

Enertika leads the strategic consulting project that will become a reference within the Volkswagen Group (SEAT) and the European industry

SEAT’s Martorell factory takes another step in its commitment to total decarbonisation, just hours before the end of COP25 in Madrid.

Nowadays in Spain, around 30% of CO2 emissions come from the industrial sector generated mainly by the consumption of fuel and electricity.

Therefore it is essential that industries review its competitive strategies. Especially in the automotive sector, it is necessary to include climate neutrality and fair transition as part of its corporate policies.


To face the challenge of carbon neutrality, SEAT has relied on the proposal led by ENERTIKA. Thus, during the next three months it will analyse in detail all the technical, legal, economic and financial avenues. In this way, an action plan will be outlined that will allow the achievement of the objectives set.

The outcome of the project will define an agenda for new investments and initiatives to enable the achievement of neutrality for the agreed year.

To implement this agreement, Enertika has woven alliances with other companies, associations and technology centres. Thus, we have AESA, Energía Local, the technology centres LEITAT and IREC, SIEMENS and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

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