Photovoltaic self-consumption in Masdeu

ESPECIALITATS MASDEU and ENERTIKA are committed to improving competitiveness and sustainability, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of their factories through the generation and supply of clean energy

The collaboration begins with the start-up of a photovoltaic self-consumption plant on the roof of its facilities in Puigdàlber.

  • The project consists of an 80kWp photovoltaic installation and the Global Energy Management Service (GEMS) that monitors and manages the installation in real time. The expected annual renewable electricity generation is 130 MWh
  • Enertika has been in charge of the design, execution and operation of the installation, guaranteeing the return on investment and the reduction of emissions
  • Through the GEMS service, new efficiency measures will be identified to further reduce energy costs in industry
En Enertika seguimos apostando por la línea de autoconsumo fotovoltaico industrial, esta vez en Masdeu

Masdeu and Enertika start collaboration on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. The implementation of a renewable self-consumption system (integrated in the Clean Power Supply service) includes the integral management of the installation, guaranteeing generation and savings.

This project, which promotes green energy and sustainability, will allow a significant percentage of electricity consumption to be of renewable origin.

We continue to bet on industrial self-consumption

At Enertika we continue to be committed to the line of industrial photovoltaic self-consumption. Through our “Clean Power Supply” service, we aim to reach 5 MWp of installed capacity in 2019.

These projects are an excellent opportunity for our customers to start the energy digitalization and get extra savings. With the implementation of efficiency and energy management solutions we ensure savings of up to 40% from the first moment and without investing a single euro. Are you interested? Contact us!

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