New energy efficiency project: we light up Ramón de Carranza’s stadium in Cádiz CF

Enertika successfully implements the energy efficiency plan for the lighting renovation of Ramón de Carranza’s stadium in Cádiz CF

Ramón de Carranza’s stadium in Cádiz CF has a a new lighting system and video scoreboards for the qualifying match of the next Eurocup group F. Enertika has carried out an energy efficiency project for the total remodelling of the stadium’s lighting. In this way, Cadiz will comply with the regulations for the television broadcast of La Liga 2019-20.

Following the new La Liga lighting regulations, Cádiz CF’s stadium thus complies with the lighting and uniformity levels required for first and second division clubs. The project has raised the Carranza to 4rth category in the regulation of UEFA stadium infrastructures, which means a greater range of possibilities for hosting any international match, including a Champions League or UEFA Europa League final.

The project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Andled, manufacturer of the latest generation of LED technology

Enertika, a company specialized in energy efficiency and distributed generation services, together with the manufacturer Andled, have provided the facilities with the latest generation of LED technology. With a total of 220 projectors, the stadium meets the standards of the second division as well as those of the first division. In addition, the installation of two new video scoreboards with a base of 10 metres and a height of 5 metres is planned, which will replace those already installed in 2005.


The highly efficient technology used will generate significant energy savings for the Cadiz CF Stadium. The project is therefore also part of the strategy to improve sustainability and decarbonisation for the energy transition.

With this project, Enertika Group reinforces its position as an energy operator in the field of sports clubs and infrastructures. Thus, we offer renewable energy supply services through photovoltaic self-consumption facilities, efficiency measures and energy management.

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