Axión and Enertika promote self-consumption in Andalusia

AXIÓN and ENERTIKA sign an agreement for photovoltaic self-consumption in telecommunication base stations

  • The project consists of a total of 7 photovoltaic installations for self-consumption for a total of 216 kW in Spain
  • The expected annual renewable electricity generation will be 360 MWh
  • The facilities will be located in Andalusia (Spain)
  • Enertika will be in charge of the design and execution of the photovoltaic installations, guaranteeing the return on investment and reduction of emissions

Axión and Enertika have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of self-consumption systems in telecommunications centres. This proposal includes the energy supervision of the production and preventive maintenance of the photovoltaic installation.

The project is part of the group’s strategy to improve sustainability and supply renewable energy to the centres. This will allow a significant percentage of the electricity consumption of these sites to be solar powered.

Industrial self-consumption, our main challenge

At Enertika we have solutions for the industry sector in matters of photovoltaic self-consumption. Our objective and main challenge is to reach 5 MWp of installed capacity in 2019.

These projects are an excellent opportunity for our customers to start the energy digitalization. In addition, it allows them to obtain guaranteed extra savings of up to 40%, with the implementation of efficiency and energy management solutions. They will do it from the first moment and without investing a single euro. Are you interested? Contact us!

About Axión Infraestructuras de Telecomunicaciones

Axión is a national wholesale operator of telecommunications infrastructures and services. It was founded in 1999 and it currently has more than 5,000 points.

They are experts in providing service in:

  • Audiovisual Communications Networks
  • Transport Networks
  • Critical Communications Services with PMR networks and Telemetering
  • Engineering and Maintenance Services 24×7

Since its beginnings, Axión has been committed to the development and integration of the standard system IoT and Smart Cities solutions. This provides the customer with unified platforms and open and portable solutions to the different connectivity technologies that are emerging in the IoT world.

Axión is a founding member of UNIRED, an association of telecommunication infrastructure operators in Spain, and EWIA (European Wireless Infrastructure Association). Within the framework of the European Union, they develop the interests of the Telecommunications sector in these areas.