Enertika and Cellnex bet on photovoltaic self-consumption in telecommunication stations

Enertika launches a project for photovoltaic self-consumption in telecommunications base stations

The agreement with the European telecommunications infrastructure operator, Cellnex Telecom, consists of the implementation of photovoltaic self-consumption systems. This project will be carried out in some of the company’s centres in the south and east of the peninsula.

The action plan includes a total of 13 self-consumption photovoltaic systems for a total of 450 kW in Spain. This project will focus on improving sustainability and the supply of renewable energy to the centres. This way, electricity production will exceed 7% of the needs of these centres and there will be a recovery of the investment between 6 and 9 years depending on the evolution of the price of energy in the coming years.

This project will focus on improving the sustainability and supply of renewable energy to the centres

Enertika, as an independent energy services group, offers differentiated and combined solutions. Its objective is to optimize the energy cost, the EBITDA and the energy sustainability. All this, under the business model Energy as a Service (EaaS).